The Vatican

We honeymooned in Rome. Just four days. We visited the Colosseum, the fountains and steps, and explored ornate basilicas. We ate mountains of pasta and pizza in gorgeous cafes and restaurants. We caught a good long look at Brad Pitt filming Oceans Twelve. And, of course, we visited the Vatican. The Vatican was a highlight … Continue reading The Vatican

The Adventure Continues … (Part Three: Hicks Bay)

My children are Maori. They’re half English too of course, but they are considerably more identifiable as Maori than European. I am very fair in complexion, so my olive-skinned children look nothing like me. That’s something we don’t even think about until people ask ‘Are they yours?’ or ‘Where did you adopt them?’ or worse, … Continue reading The Adventure Continues … (Part Three: Hicks Bay)