Old Photographs: Part One


This is the box that wastes hours every time I move house or declutter. It’s a small box full of photos that survived my clear out prior to emigrating. In it are snapshots of a life up until the invention of the digital camera: family, weddings, friends, holidays, Christmases. Memories.  How I regret not keeping more, and not taking more in the first place. 

Rather than writing the usual essay about memory blah blah blah, I thought I’d show a selection instead, and let the pictures speak for themselves. 

It’s a random selection. There’s probably some psychology behind my choices, especially the one of my parents rowing while my brother flirts with the waitress, but that’s beyond me. 

This is the ‘o’ post of the A to Z Challenge. Part Two will be the ‘P’ post tomorrow.  

moody creative types


Being an actor


picture of me going to my first ball is remarkably similar to a picture of Mum going to hers.


thats the Amazon






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