Elephants Never Forget

As my theme for the A to Z Challenge is Memory, slipping into narratives about the past is all too easy. Today, I thought I would take the old saying ‘Elephants Never Forget’ and play with it instead.

With that in mind, I looked for a cute clip of an elephant not forgetting something on Youtube, and I found this terrific animation instead: Why Elephants Never Forget.

Amongst the rather staged and aged news clips about an elephant remembering his rescuer and another missing his friend the stray dog, and so many more, this shone out as the lovely piece of informative film-making that it is.

It’s a five minute film presented by the Ted-Ed series, written by Alex Gendler with animation provided by Avi Ofer. It’s a delightful film. I hope you click on play and enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Elephants Never Forget

    • Thanks for that link, John. I’ve just looked at the page and really enjoyed the post and the poem. And yes, they’re amazing animals. I learnt a lot about them when I watched the film.

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