Baby Bubble


My youngest. Copyright belongs to my eldest.

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to remember all the nicknames that I’d given to my eldest daughter when she was a baby. I was with a friend and our children, enjoying a meal. My daughter was looking at me with her big brown eyes expecting one of those baby stories that she loves to hear, but my mind was a complete blank. I’d called her by about six sweet wee names when she was a baby, as parents do, and not one of them came to mind.

I was told at the time to write it all down, those baby names, songs and routines, silly ordinary moments you want to treasure, but I didn’t. I thought, how could I forget this? It’s all too dear.

But I do seem to have forgotten so much of that time when my children were babies, and it’s not long ago at all. It’s even worse with my youngest – those memories are bathed in fog. I asked my friend, who is cleverer than me, why he thought that was.

‘Because it’s all enclosed in its own bubble,’ he said, ‘having a baby.’

It’s true.

That time with a baby is self-contained, like a dream, separate from life before and life after. When you have a baby, you think this is it, this is how my life is now: sleep deprivation, all that crying (yours and baby’s), hallucinogenic night-feeds, the intensity of this new incredible love.

But it doesn’t last. My friend is right. That time with a baby is a bubble and, before you know it, that bubble drifts away.

You are left with times like the other day instead: bright children chattering around a table, looking back at a time when life was strange and special for a while.

Ps. This my second post of the A to Z Blogging Challenge – 26 blogs in 26 days. My theme is ‘Memory’. For a list of other bloggers involved, click onto the link here.

Pps. My friend has a blog, too. If you enjoy memoir and music or just good writing, you should check it out. This is it:  ‘How Not to Write a Novel.’

Ppps. Since writing this, those baby memories have come flooding back – wonderful 🙂

4 thoughts on “Baby Bubble

  1. Your post made me realise that I too am losing those precious memories. I wonder if it is possible to grasp and secure some of them before they are gone forever. Thanks for a lovely post.

  2. Very true. There are so many memories that I’ve forgotten or remember totally different from the other parties involved. It’s amazing how our mind stores and removes information. Great post.

    Melanie (#952)

  3. I was just remembering the words we adopted the way our daughter pronounced them. That may be a blog post some day, but only with permission. It is a special time indeed.

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