… are inevitable.

A few weeks ago I went through a number of transformations, physically, spiritually and politically. One door closed: I completed my MA. One door opened: I met a random stranger, had a conversation, and was set upon a whole new path.

Writing the blog has been pretty stagnant since, sorry. Not that it was going particularly well before. However, I will finish writing posts from my holiday journal eventually, because there’s something to say about loneliness in that story, and loneliness is something that needs to be talked about. There’s also something about family and valuing our children, which is more important still. But it may take me a while to get to those. So much to write; so much to do; so few hours in a solo parent’s day.

My blog is going to be a little more focused in certain areas, just so you know. I have changed, so changes in the blog are inevitable.

One new focus is the crisis we are facing through Climate Change. I have to speak out about it. I’m half way through writing a blog post specifically about that change, so I won’t dwell on it here, but there has to be some sort of a revolution and soon. We have to get real about climate change. Not just a few middle-class greenies, but all of us, everywhere. We have to make big changes in our lives to ensure that our children – you know, those little people who should be valued above all else – are not the generation who witness and suffer the extinction of the human race. That is not exaggeration; that is scientific reality. I am making those changes, in my bumbling, newbie sort of a way, and I want to share that journey. I want that sharing to serve as inspiration to others to do the same.

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I’m also very angry that I live in a country with an appalling track record of child abuse and that nearly a quarter of all children born in New Zealand are born into poverty (24% according to the Child Poverty Action Group). When I was a teacher, I saw some children arrive at school on a regular basis without adequate clothes, shoes and lunch. Schools do their best but are as strapped financially as the parents. How, in a world of such extreme wealth, is this okay? And let’s not even get started on the poverty and human degradation found in Africa, Asia and South America; we’d be here all day. We have to do something about the Inequality Gap, not just in NZ, but worldwide, and with the TPPA this can only get worse. Capitalism is failing us.

Battling Climate Change and addressing the needs of vulnerable children are the significant goals of the Green Party, so I’ve officially joined. Gonna get involved too. Make some noise. Get my pen moving.

I’m not leaving writing behind. My children and my writing remain the cornerstones of my life. I have set myself the task of writing a novel based on one of my longer short stories this year and I’ve made a tentative start. I’m thinking about the processes of writing as a result and would like to share these too. I have ideas for lots of such posts knocking about in my head and my notebooks.

So, I guess in conclusion, I hope you get something from these changes and continue to support my blog despite them.

Thank you for bearing with me as I continue to readjust and shift. It is amazing to me that people do actually read this blog, and I could be making a difference right here and now about all that I care about.

You can, too, you know. We all have a voice thanks to the internet.

Come on – fuck it – let’s all make some noise.

Let’s save the world.

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