So, I got this short story published…

I’m so happy that a short story I’ve written has been published in a really great literary online journal based here in New Zealand: Turbine. There’s some terrific writing in this journal, so I’m incredibly proud to be included amongst it. Here’s the link to my story, The Fisherman, but I hope you take time to read some of the other pieces too.

Like many of my short pieces of fiction, it is based on an awful poem written some years ago. I really hope you enjoy the story (it’s considerably better than the poem).

Thank you x


12 thoughts on “So, I got this short story published…

  1. felictations becca, just gave it a read. You’ve improved so much, which is awkward to say because it inevitably implies that you were once bad, and I don’t mean that at all. Just really, really polished. Great stuff. Higgledy is my new favourite word.

    • Thank you! Yes – I have improved. I’m the first to recognise that the course at the IIML has had a massive impact on my work. If you want to get good at something, surround yourself by people who are better at it than you are. Hang on, I feel a blog post coming on about that…

  2. I just read that story twice. In an awkward way, I feel like I can really relate to Lorna. I would like to know more about John though. His rejection of her, while almost brutal, is completely rational and honest yet it kind of made me dislike him. I’m not sure why.

    This is a great story Becca. Congratulations to you 🙂

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