Where’s my Uvula?



Today, I blew my nose for the first time since my septoplasty, turbinoplasty, tonsillectomy and palatoplasty. The results were not pretty, but it felt bloody wonderful. And I can breath!

For years I knew I had nasal and sinus issues and felt blocked much of the time, but now the effortless floatiness of breathing through my nose is astonishing. It amazes me that I’ve put up with difficulties for so long, but how was I supposed to know that they way I breathed wasn’t normal?

I’ve also slept through the night for the past week, even though one night I dreamt that I’d swallowed a piece of glass, and the pain was excruciating by morning. Now I only wake to my alarm. Presumably that means I’m no longer snoring. Or at least not enough to wake up with it.

I still feel like I’m a little blocked at the back of my sinuses, but they’re not due to clear completely for another three days, so I’m doing well. What I wasn’t warned about was the loss of the little dangly bit at the back of my throat – my uvula. There’s nothing there. My throat is still a little swollen, so it all looks weird anyway, but when I got my iphone torch and a teaspoon (to squash my tongue) and looked into my mouth at the mirror, I got quite a shock. I had googled the procedure, but didn’t click on ‘Images’.

My throat is a carved space now. That feels very strange. There’s something science fiction about my throat now. A dark purpose. Margaret Atwood could write a feminist novel about women with carved throats like mine. But what else did I expect? I have an overactive imagination and anyway, does not having a uvula matter? My five minutes of internet research tells me they don’t really know what it’s for.

It seems to secrete a lot of saliva rapidly during speech – so is that it? I can live without that (I’m gonna have to).

It seems to help keep food from going up the back of your nose when you eat too fast. That may be more important. Guess I’ll have to slow down my eating, especially on a date in a nice restaurant. Interesting times ahead presumably.

So – so far so good. The knock on effects of the whole procedure have already begun to kick-in: I seem to have better concentration and more energy; my mood seems more even and happier; I’m doing more jobs around the home, getting organised, (but I’m still not quite on top of that laundry mountain).


And in other news….

In the meantime, writing and reading for the MA has kept me very busy, and I haven’t been able to slow down there. The story I talked about in my last post is becoming a long long short story. It’ll probably finish up at about 10-15 thousand words to do it justice. I’m really enjoying writing it too. It’s purging a horrible piece of my history and it feels good to get it out.

I also got another story rejected yesterday – amazing how stoic I am about rejection now. Just part of being a new writer. I tweaked it and sent it out again last night. We’ll see how that baby fairs this time.

An Award!20140328-18374020140328-18413720140328-18403120140328-183915

Also, I find I’ve been nominated for an award – ‘the Quintet of Radiance’. How fabulous is that?! Thank you gorgeous Janey at Cupid or Cats. I’m really happy that you thought about me. Bogged down in my course as I am, I will accept the award, but will do it properly when I have more time over Easter – so I’ll sit on it for a while, and enjoy it later if I may.

I have 101 things to do tonight in preparation for a day in uni tomorrow, and I want to carry on reading the most wonderful book – The Go-Between by LP Hartley. It’s so compelling, even though it’s old-fashioned. The events take place in 1900, where a young lady is indulging in a relationship with a rough local farmer (who I’d roll in the hay with anyday) and the narrator is man looking back on the role he played in that relationship as a boy. A fascinating tale, and well told. He also uses the same sort of narrative viewpoint that I’m attempting with my story – I’ve even entitled my story The Past is a Foreign Country as a nod to this excellent book.

Once I’ve packed the girls’ lunch boxes, collated my assignments for handing in, packed the books I need to photocopy and made a cup of tea, I’ll open it up and read – bliss!IMG_1472

6 thoughts on “Where’s my Uvula?

    • Thanks Trent. I don’t think my voice sounds different, but maybe it does? Talking certainly ‘feels’ different. Very odd. A small price to pay for a good night’s sleep I reckon.

      I’ve just read ‘Saad’ from the link on your site – I really enjoyed it. It’s very controlled and has no room for sentimentality – just interesting images and character. I particularly liked the imagery thanks to the broken telescope – lovely. Very good ending. Hope you win. Couldn’t see how to vote?

      • Hey Becca, thanks for reading that, honestly. Wacky little story. Took me like an hour to write one caffeine-inspired morning in a coffee shop. I actually got interviewed a couple of times because of the story, on the radio, and they asked me what the inspiration was. I had no idea.

        Contest’s actually over, so you can leave a comment under the story but no voting anymore. The winner is determined by judges, the voting is just for fun. I didn’t win, which was very sad, but it was a great trip, and the first time I’d ever submitting anything into the world like that.

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